2014: UGA-43 Geology of Utah’s Far South

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UGA 43:20 - Lithostratigraphy and Biostratigraphy of the Chinle Formation (Upper Triassic) in Southern Lisbon Valley, Southeastern Utah $5.00 Order It
UGA 43:21 - Ancient Lakes of Zion National Park $5.00 Order It
UGA 43:22 - Fossil Plants From a Proximal Alluvial-fan Complex: Implications for Late Paleozoic Sedimentary Processes in Western Tropical Pangea $5.00 Order It
UGA 43:23 - Fossil Floras From the Pennsylvanian-permian Cutler Group of Southeastern Utah $5.00 Order It
UGA 43:24 - Stratigraphy and Ichnology of Early Triassic Swim Track Sites in Glen Canyon National Recreation Area, Utah $5.00 Order It
UGA 43:25 - First Known Post-triassic Occurrence of the Palm-like Plant Fossil Sanmiguelia Brown $5.00 Order It
UGA 43:26 - Animal Track Sites Noted During Lake Powell Pipeline Project Paleontology Surveys, Utah and Arizona $5.00 Order It
UGA 43:27 - Vertebrates of the Iron Springs Formation, Upper Cretaceous, Southwestern Utah $5.00 Order It
UGA 43:28 - A Large Insectivore From the Duchesnean (Late Middle Eocene) of Southern Utah $5.00 Order It
UGA 43:29 - New Constraints on the Extent, Age, and Emplacement History of the Early Miocene Markagunt Megabreccia, Southwest Utah—one of the World's Largest Subaerial Gravity Slides $5.00 Order It
UGA 43:30 - The Minersville Gravity Slide and Metallic Mineral Potential at Black Mountain, Northern Black Mountains, Beaver County, Utah $5.00 Order It
UGA 43:31 - The 2.7 – 2.1 Ma Twin Peaks Caldera: Stratigraphy and Petrogenesis $5.00 Order It
UGA 43:32 - Reactivation of Conjugate Fractures in the Claron Formation Near Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah $5.00 Order It
UGA 43:33 - The Apex Mine, Utah – a Colorado Plateau-type Solution-collapse Breccia Pipe and a Tsumeb, Namibia Analogue $5.00 Order It
UGA 43:34 - Namakiers in Triassic and Permian Formations in the Paradox Basin (Usa) With Comparisons to Modern Examples in the Zagros Fold Belt, Iran $5.00 Order It
UGA 43:35 - Road Guide to the Geology of Cedar Canyon and Cedar Breaks National Monument, Iron County, Utah $5.00 Order It