aboutThe Utah Geological Association (UGA) is a non-profit organization of geologists and other geoscientists that share a common interest in Utah’s geology. The purpose of the UGA is to increase and disperse geological information to the scientific community, and promote public awareness of the usefulness of geology in general. The UGA does this through the voluntary efforts of its members.

We host monthly luncheons, typically held on the second Monday of every month – except August, offering high quality speakers on a diverse range of topics such as mineral exploration, groundwater, geologic hazards, paleontology, and petroleum resources. In August we have our annual picnic held in Big Cottonwood Canyon. The picnic is a great opportunity to enjoy a day in the mountains socializing with fellow geologists.

We publish a guidebook each year focusing on the latest geologic research in a specific area of Utah. The guidebook is complemented with a fall field trip to stops highlighted in the guidebook. We also publish and are accepting papers for an open-access journal, Geology of the Intermountain West.

UGA is also committed to student and community outreach. Each year, we offer an Earth Science Teacher of the Year award to a deserving K-12 teacher and we award 12 field camp scholarships to deserving undergraduates. We are currently sponsoring programs aimed at earthquake safety awareness explaining the dangers earthquakes pose to unreinforced masonry structures.

We also sponsor luncheons at various Utah universities that offer geoscience programs in order to recruit students to join UGA. The UGA provides numerous ways to become involved including serving as an officer, volunteering on a committee, helping set up our monthly meetings, and speaking at schools.

If you have a college degree in geology, consider becoming a member. Annual fees are $30 for active members and only $5 for students.


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