Geology of the Intermountain West

The Geology of the Intermountain West is an open-access journal published by the Utah Geological Association providing authors a digital option for rapid publication of research on the geology of Utah and surrounding areas. The journal is peer-reviewed and manuscripts are prepared quickly for electronic publication once they have been accepted by the editorial staff.

Access the Journal

The purpose of the journal is to disseminate technical articles on all aspects of Utah geology and surrounding areas that are of interest to geoscientists as well as more popular-style articles that are of interest to informed laypersons. Manuscripts are welcomed from industry personnel, government geoscientists, and college researchers, including students at all levels. Because articles are electronically published and made available, we will accept manuscripts of any size with color figures and oversized plates. All topics of Utah geology are welcomed including:

  • Stratigraphic nomenclature
  • Case studies
  • Oil and gas field descriptions
  • Mineral resource summaries
  • Paleontology
  • Update of an article previously published by the Utah Geological Association
  • Geologic field guides
  • Archaeological studies where geology is an important aspect of the study
  • Biological studies where geology is important factor in habitat distribution

The editors will not consider:

  • Policy papers
  • Editorial papers
  • Opinion papers
  • Promotional papers

The Geology of the Intermountain West follows the style outlined in Utah Geological Survey Circular 105, which generally follows the U.S. Geologic Survey Suggestion to Authors of the Reports of the United States Geological Survey by Wallace R. Hansen.

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All authors must submit a copyright release form.