2014: UGA-43 Geology of Utah’s Far South

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Depositional Setting of the Hoskinnini Member of the Triassic Moenkopi Formation, Southeastern Utah $5.00 Order It
UGA 34:12 -Iron-rich Horizons in the Jurassic Navajo Sandstone, Southwestern Utah: Progressive Cementation and Permeability Inversion $5.00 Order It
UGA 43 - Geology of Utah's Far South $40.00 Order It
UGA 43:01 - An Improved Method for Calculating the Manning Roughness Coefficient for Estimation of Stream Discharge Through Slot Canyons in Southern Utah $5.00 Order It
UGA 43:02 - Prelude to Seven Slots: Filling and Subsequent Modification of Seven Broad Canyons in the Navajo Sandstone, South-central Utah $5.00 Order It
UGA 43:03 - Hypothesis: the Pinnacles of the Chesler Park/graben Region of Canyonlands National Park Result From Paleostream Induration and Inverted Topographical Relief $5.00 Order It
UGA 43:04 - The Effects of Lake Powell on Sediment Aggradation in the Lower Reaches of the San Juan River $5.00 Order It
UGA 43:05 - Chronostratigraphy of Holocene Valley-fill Alluvium and Arroyo Cut-fill Events in the Upper Escalante River, Southern Utah $5.00 Order It
UGA 43:06 - Holocene Alluvial Stratigraphy of Kitchen Corral Wash, Southern Utah $5.00 Order It
UGA 43:07 - Middle to Late Holocene Chronostratigraphy of Alluvial Fill Deposits Along Kanab Creek in Southern Utah $5.00 Order It
UGA 43:08 - Geologic and Hydrologic Conditions of the Navajo Lake Area, Markagunt Plateau, Southwestern Utah $5.00 Order It
UGA 43:09 - Investigation and Successful Development of the Navajo Sandstone Aquifer Near Blanding, Utah $5.00 Order It
UGA 43:10 - Reservoir Properties and Carbonate Petrography of the Aneth Unit, Greater Aneth Field, Paradox Basin, Southeastern Utah $5.00 Order It
UGA 43:11 - Petrophysical Heterogeneities of the Permian White Rim Sandstone, Southeast Utah: Implications for Reservoir Properties and Long-term Storage of Co2 $5.00 Order It
UGA 43:13 - Coloration and Diagenetic History of Jurassic Navajo Sandstone at Coyote Buttes, Paria Canyon-Vermilion Cliffs Wilderness, Utah and Arizona $5.00 Order It
UGA 43:14 - Petroleum Potential Appraisal of the Escalante Anticline, Garfield County, Utah: an Exercise in Applied Hydrodynamic Theory to Predict a Missed Oil Reservoir. $5.00 Order It
UGA 43:15 - Facies Geometries and Climatic Influence on Stratigraphy in the Eolian-sabkha Transition in the Permian Cedar Mesa Sandstone, SE Utah $5.00 Order It
UGA 43:17 - The Whitmore Point Member of the Moenave Formation in Its Type Area in Northern Arizona And Its Age and Correlation With the Section In St. George, Utah: Evidence for Two Major Lacustrine Sequences $5.00 Order It
UGA 43:18 - Where the Sea Meets the Land: the Unresolved Dakota Problem in Utah $5.00 Order It
UGA 43:19 - Compositional, Paleontological and Detritalzircon Data From Cretaceous Strata of the Henry Mountains Basin and Implications for Connections With Dispersal Systems of Wahweap and Kaiparowits Formations in Southern Utah, U.S.A. $5.00 Order It