2016: UGA-45 Resources and Geology of Utah’s West Desert

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UGA 45 - Resources and Geology of Utah’s West Desert $35.00 Order It
UGA 45:01 - Contributions to the Understanding of Geology in Utah’s West Desert $5.00 Order It
UGA 45:02 - The Nature and Origin of Pebble Dikes and Associated Alteration—tintic Mining District (Ag-Pb-Zn-Au), Utah $5.00 Order It
UGA 45:03 - The Kiewit Gold Deposit: a Late Miocene (?) Low-sulfidation Gold-quartz Stockwork, Gold Hill Mining District, Tooele County, Utah $5.00 Order It
UGA 45:04 - Mineralization and Alteration Characteristics of the Pine Grove Porphyry Molybdenum Deposit, Beaver County, Utah $5.00 Order It
UGA 45:05 - Tailings Tales—the Famous Golden Gate and Manning Gold Mills, the Clever People Who Built Them, and the Early History of the Mercur Mining District, Utah $5.00 Order It
UGA 45:06 - Measured Lithologic Section of the Lower Member of the Great Blue Limestone at ‘Pest House Canyon’, Tooele County, Utah $5.00 Order It
UGA 45:07 - Gypsiferous Sand Dune Deposits on SITLA Lands in the Great Salt Lake Desert Project Area, Tooele County, Utah $5.00 Order It
UGA 45:08 - The Western Utah Thrust Belt in the Larger Context of the Sevier Orogeny $5.00 Order It
UGA 45:09 - Regional Geophysics of Western Utah and Eastern Nevada, With Emphasis on the Confusion Range $5.00 Order It
UGA 45:10 - Geology, Selected Geophysics, and Hydrogeology of the White River and Parts of the Great Salt Lake Desert Regional Groundwater Flow Systems, Utah and Nevada $5.00 Order It
UGA 45:11 -Numberical Simulation of Groundwater Movement and Heat Transport in Snake Valley and Surrounding Areas, Juab, Millard, and Beaver Counties, Utah, and White Pine and Lincoln Counties, Nevada $5.00 Order It
UGA 45:12 - Analysis of Groundwater-level Records From Snake Valley, Western Millard County, Utah $5.00 Order It
UGA 45:13 -Relationships of Groundwater Levels to Surface Water Fluctuations and Habitat Associations of Least Chub (Iotichthys phlegethontis) in a Great Basin Spring Complex $5.00 Order It
UGA 45:14 - Hydrostratigraphic Resolution of Sevier Lake Basin and Characteristics of Brine Aquifer Beneath Sevier Lake Playa $5.00 Order It
UGA 45:15 -Taphonomy and Paleoecology of the “middle” Cambrian (Series 3) Formations in Utah’s West Desert—recent Finds and New Data $5.00 Order It
UGA 45:16 - History of the Utah Geological Association From 1995 to 2015 $5.00 Order It
UGA 45:17 - Road Log for Resources and Geology of Utah's West Desert $5.00 Order It