2018: UGA 47 Geofluids of Utah

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UGA 47 - Geofluids of Utah $39.00 Order It
UGA 47:01 - The History of Water in Bears Ears National Monument, Southeastern Utah $5.00 Order It
UGA 47:02 - Hydrogeology of the Ash Creek Drainage Basin, Washington and Iron Counties, Utah, With Implications From Fracture-flow Analysis on Amounts, Sources, and Destinations of Groundwater $5.00 Order It
UGA 47:03 -Fish Lake Limnology and Watershed Aqueous Geochemistry, Fish Lake Plateau, Utah $5.00 Order It
UGA 47:04 - Stratigraphic Geothermal Potential in Deep Sedimentary Basins, Northeastern Great Basin, Utah $5.00 Order It
UGA 47:05 - Shallow Thermal Anomalies and the Deep Thermal Regime in West-central Utah $5.00 Order It
UGA 47:06 - Biomarker Evidence for the Presence of Cryptoendolithic Bacteria in Weathered Jurassic Navajo Sandstone of Southeast Utah $5.00 Order It
UGA 47:07 - Characteristics and Source Rocks of Utah Crude Oils $5.00 Order It
UGA 47:08 - Thermally Stranded High Pour Point Oils in the Uinta Basin, Utah $5.00 Order It
UGA 47:09 - Azurite and Malachite Concretions Along the Lisbon Valley Fault in the Cretaceous Dakota Sandstone, Southeast, Utah $5.00 Order It
UGA 47:10 - Gypsum Veins as Indicators of Basin History, Diagenesis, and Hydraulic Fracturing in Fine-grained Siliciclastics—triassic Moenkopi Formation, Southern Utah $5.00 Order It
UGA 47:11 - Observations of Salt Crust Thickness Change at the Bonneville Salt Flats From 2003-2016 $5.00 Order It
UGA 47:12 - Observations of Salt Crust Change From 1960-2016 and the Role of Humans as Geologic Agents at the Bonneville Salt Flats, Utah $5.00 Order It
UGA 47:13 - Geochemistry and Geochronology of the Intrusive Rocks of the Central Wasatch Mountains Igneous Belt, Utah, Usa—implications for Porphyry Mineralization $5.00 Order It