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August 30, 2021

Lehi Hintze Award

Every year, the UGA, in collaboration with the Utah Geological Survey and geology departments from several Utah universities, selects a geologist for their outstanding contributions to the geology of Utah. The criteria for “Outstanding Contributions to the Geology of Utah” is intended to be interpreted broadly and to include all areas of the geosciences. Nominations typically include a letter of nomination
with details of the individual’s “Outstanding Contributions”. This may include a CV, letters of support, testimonials, etc. Please send your nominations to the State Geologist .

Here are the past years awardees:

Awardee Year
Lehi Hintze 2003
Hellmut Doelling 2004
William T. Parry 2005
John C. Osmond 2006
Robert B. Smith 2007
Peter D. Rowley 2008
Myron G. Best 2009
Gary E. Christenson 2010
Ted Arnow 2011
William R. Lund 2012
Robert Q. Oaks, Jr. 2013
Paul B. Anderson 2014
Douglas Sprinkel 2015
Genevieve Atwood 2016
Thomas C. Chidsey, Jr. 2017
Marjorie A. Chan 2018
Grant Willis 2019
David Simon 2020


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