2017: UGA-46 Geology and Resources of the Wasatch: Back to Front

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UGA 46 - Geology and Resources of the Wasatch: Back to Front $39.00 Order It
UGA 46:01 - Evaluation of the Effects of Pharmaceuticals and Personal Care Products on East Canyon Creek $5.00 Order It
UGA 46:02 - Chemical and Isotopic Evaluation of Ground and Surface Water and the Relation to Groundwater Recharge, Powder Mountain Resort, Utah $5.00 Order It
UGA 46:03 - Groundwater Levels of Round Valley, Utah $5.00 Order It
UGA 46:04 - Hydrogeology of the Powder Mountain Area and Evidence for Utah’s Only Periodic Spring $5.00 Order It
UGA 46:05 - Red Hill Hot Spring Mineralogy and Hydrothermal Microbial Environments Near Monroe, Sevier County, Utah $5.00 Order It
UGA 46:06 - Land-use Planning Tools for Protecting Water Quality in the Valley-fill Aquifer in Morgan Valley, Morgan County, Utah $5.00 Order It
UGA 46:07 - Stinky Bubbles in Diamond Fork Canyon (Utah)—a Curious Case of Whodunit? $5.00 Order It
UGA 46:08 - The Historical Records of Stable Isotopes (δ13c and Δ15n) and Trace Metals Along Utah Lake—Jordan River Transition Zone, Utah (USA) $5.00 Order It
UGA 46:09 - Investigation and Remediation of the 2008 Silver Creek Sinkhole, Park City, Utah $5.00 Order It
UGA 46:10 - The History of Late Holocene Surface-faulting Earthquakes on the Central Segments of the Wasatch Fault Zone, Utah $5.00 Order It
UGA 46:11 - Inferences About Segmentation From Recent Surface Breaks Along the Wasatch Fault Revealed From Lidar, Sfm, and Outcrops From American Fork Canyon to Dimple Dell Regional Park, Utah $5.00 Order It
UGA 46:12 - Estimating the Probabilities of Future Large Earthquakes Along the Wasatch Front $5.00 Order It
UGA 46:13 - Revised Structure and Correlation of the Great Salt Lake, North Promontory, Rozel and Hansel Valley Fault Zones Revealed by the 2015-2016 Low Stand of Great Salt Lake $5.00 Order It
UGA 46:14 - Geologic Tools for Mapping in Urban Areas, With Examples From the Salt Lake Valley, Utah $5.00 Order It
UGA 46:15 - History and Evolution of Geologic Mapping in Utah With Emphasis on the Wasatch Area $5.00 Order It
UGA 46:16 - Use of Detrital Zircon Geochronology in the Wasatch Conglomerate (Eocene) to Determine River Directions Before the Rise of the Wasatch Range, Utah $5.00 Order It
UGA 46:17 - 3D Geologic Model of the Mount Raymond Thrust, Wasatch Mountains, Utah $5.00 Order It
UGA 46:18 - Ten Million Years of Pulsed Fluid Flow Through the Alta Stock Driven by Incremental Emplacement of the Little Cottonwood Stock, Wasatch Range, Utah $5.00 Order It
UGA 46:19 - Road Log Geology and Resources of the Wasatch—Back to Front 2017 $5.00 Order It