2024: UGA-51 Great Salt Lake and the Bonneville Basin

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UGA 51:00 - Complete Volume Free Download
UGA 51:00 - Front Material Free Download
UGA 51:01 - The Holocene Great Salt Lake and Pleistocene Lake Bonneville System: Conserving our Geoheritage for Future Generations Free Download
UGA 51:02 - Late Neogene and Quaternary Lacustrine History of the Great Salt Lake-Bonneville Basin Free Download
UGA 51:03 - Evolution of Great Salt Lake’s Exposed Lakebed (1984-2023) Free Download
UGA 51:04 - Record Low Water Surface Elevations at Great Salt Lake, Utah, 2021-2022 Free Download
UGA 51:05 - Use of remote imagery to map microbialite distribution at Great Salt Lake, Utah: Implications for microbialite exposure Free Download
UGA 51:06 - Radiocarbon Chronology/Growth Rates of Ooids from Great Salt Lake, Utah Free Download
UGA 51:07 - Shoreline superelevation, clues to coastal processes of Great Salt Lake Free Download
UGA 51:08 - Wave dynamics and sediment transport in Great Salt Lake Free Download
UGA 51:09 - Great Salt Lake wetland vegetation and what it tells us about environmental gradients, drought, and disturbance Free Download
UGA 51:10 - Estimate of groundwater flow and salinity contribution to the Great Salt Lake using groundwater levels and spatial analysis Free Download
UGA 51:11 - Implications and hydrographs for two Pre-Bonneville pluvial lakes and double geosols from 14 OSL-IRSL ages in Cache Valley, NE Bonneville Basin Free Download
UGA 51:12 - Observations of Decadal-Scale Brine Geochemical Change at the Bonneville Salt Flats Free Download
UGA 51:13 - Bonneville basin critical zones Free Download
UGA 51:14 - Great Salt Lake desert landscape change over multiple temporal scales Free Download